Subject: CPU Temp, and Thermal Paste
By: Chris307 (IP: 70.50.185.*)
Written on: 25-08-2006 04:15

My P4 3.0 Ghz is idling at 50C, is this normal?

And I removed the Heat sink off the CPU, would I have to re-applie Thermal Paste?

Thank You.

By: Ray (IP: 84.65.66.*)
Written on: 27-09-2006 14:46

If you remove a heatsink it should be refitted with a good thermal paste/compound or whatever. Remove all the old gunk from the heatsink & the CPU, make sure everything is shiny clean & dry. Add the new paste & refit. I have a 3.4ghz Prescott which is idling at 20C ... stock Intel cooler with ShinEtzu Microsi thermal paste (one grain is enough!). HTH, Ray
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