Subject: CPU sensor on Gigabyte board
By: sturob (IP: 88.104.98.*)
Written on: 31-08-2006 11:05

Hi there,

I just bought a used Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH motherboard (revison 2.0) with socket A, and an Athlon XP2000 CPU, which came packaged separately.

In the centre of the CPU socket (in the square hole), there is a metal strip which is bent over so it looks like a spring clip thing. I think it is the CPU temperature sensor. (I have no documentation for this motherboard).

My queston is this:

When i fit the CPU, should this sensor actually touch the underside of the CPU or not?

Thanks to anyone who can help


By: Ray (IP: 81.79.213.*)
Written on: 30-09-2006 01:49

All manufacturers have a documentation area - Gigaytes' manual for this m/b is at
There is is (very fuzzy) pic of the socket anf the probe is evident (purely by the way the picture is distorted!) but no mention of a thermal probe (bad Gigabyte!)
Anyway, to answer your question ... it looks like this (old-school) motherboard socket has a typical mechanical thermal probe and I would not mess about with it. All such probes are electrically non-conductive when manufactured. Unless it is physically damaged it should work to give you the temp of the base of the CPU. But it can only [Bever[/B] be a VERY rough measurement as it's impossible for it to be in perfect contact with the CPU without paste or a physically-damaging adhesive.

HTH, Ray
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