Subject: Quiet 120mm x 38mm case fan?
By: Edward (IP: 24.5.93.*)
Written on: 29-09-2006 17:46

Good morning,

Any of you folks here know where I might find a quiet, high quality, variable speed, 120mm x 38mm case fan? The spec. requires about 125 cfm which is currently satisfied by a delta fan that is very loud.

Also, I need to find a replacement set of fans for the powersupply or a new power supply for the computer. This box is a dual G4 PPC Macintosh (Mirror Door Drive). Apple had a program to replace the PSU that was in effect until June of 2003, that program is long since over and this computer never received the modification parts.

This is my brother's computer. He is a musician and needs the thing to run quiet in studio; this is not a quiet computer. It could be though, if I can find a way to satisfy those two requirements (i.e. the PSU issue and the Case fan issue).

Thanks in advance,


By: Ray (IP: 81.79.213.*)
Written on: 30-09-2006 00:17

Try Ebayer id "the-fan-van". He's got an item ref# 290034334191 which exactly fits your dimensions and pushs 130CFM. And he's got just about every fan, [B]ever[/B], plus cheap shipping to the UK. I've used him twice with 100% reliability.

HTH, Ray
(Ebayer id "1jupiterway"
By: Dodger (IP: 68.57.161.*)
Written on: 25-10-2006 12:01

The quietest fans going use a new technology with ENLOBAL bearings.
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