Subject: 45+ Degrees C Days are Murder....
By: Superior Dalek (IP: 203.10.121.*)
Written on: 03-10-2006 08:28

Hi everybody.
I was just wondering, whats the best way all round to lower the ENTIRE cases temperature, apart from adding more fans and taking off the sides.
I was thinking vapo-phase but there's two reasons: 1 its expensive and 2 I don't have any close by locations to get it from and I don't shop online. I'm all out of ideas, any suggestions? You know apart from sitting it on a block of ice.....


By: Ray (IP: 84.64.137.*)
Written on: 19-10-2006 23:44

Are you seriously using a PC in 45C ambient air temperatures? I suggest you get an airconditioning unit fitted to your room and left on permanently ... continuous 45C ambient is unhealthy for PC's and people.
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