Subject: airflow direction in cpu h/s
By: rip (IP: 207.250.93.*)
Written on: 03-10-2006 21:42

On a standard, no-frills cpu fan/heatsink unit (ie, inexpensive coolermaster), which direction should the air flow?
Should the fan push air down through the fins towards the cpu, or should it pull the air up and away from the cpu?

I have one that pushes air downwards, and I'm having heat problems.

By: Ray (IP: 84.64.137.*)
Written on: 19-10-2006 23:53

Air is blown onto the heatsink (down) in all the HSF's I've used.

It's more efficient than sucking air away from the heatsink because that might suck warm air into the heatsink from other components on the motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers with passive Northbridge heatsinks actually rely on this as it circulates air from the CPU HSF, albeit warm, directly over the NB heatsink. High-end motherboards have for some years had fans on the NB to counteract this.

For normal use I recommend replacing your aftermarket HSF with a genuine manufacturer's item for your brand of CPU. But if you are using the PC at 100% speed all the time I suggest looking into fitting a watercooling kit. These kits are cheaper than they used to be but will need maintenance.
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