Subject: fan has gotten louder
By: jilltre (IP: 216.14.224.*)
Written on: 19-10-2006 19:35

Recently one of our older systems (p4 - 2.4ghz) has gotten louder. I thought it was the fan, replaced it, but the noise is still there. Is it possible the fan is being overworked due to a misread of the temperature on the board? My diagnostics show the motherboard temp at 34 degrees C, and the processor temperature at 75 degrees C... this is from software by Ultra-x. Any suggestions, or do we just put up with the louder noise?


By: Ray (IP: 84.71.101.*)
Written on: 20-10-2006 00:05

75C CPU is abnormal for a P4 2.4ghz.

Reboot and enter the BIOS. Go to "PC Health" (or whatever your BIOS calls it). Check the temperature reading there - it's much more reliable than any Windows software.

If the BIOS shows anything over 50C you have a problem - it should be more like 42-45C given your board temperature of 34C.

Also check the fan speed. Intel P$ fans idle at 2,200 to 2,600 rpm (will go higher if the CPU is hot).

Was the new heatsink fitted to a spotlessly clean CPU and was there a grey heat pad pre-fitted to the heatsink or did you re-fit the heatsink using a good brand of thermal paste instead?

By: jilltre (IP: 216.14.224.*)
Written on: 26-10-2006 00:51

thanks for the reply. I ended up replacing the power was that fan that was making the noise.

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