Subject: case fan ideas
By: Helper_monkey (IP: 71.87.3.*)
Written on: 23-10-2006 20:52

I have an Althalon XP 2500. I recently bought a new case and power supply. the new case has a vent and a duct on the side of the case directly above the CPU. i know this is here to make the cpu to run cooler. however i know nothing about how cpu fans really work. i want to add a fan between the duct and the case. shoudl this fan blow in our out?

By: scotty (IP: 32.97.110.*)
Written on: 24-10-2006 01:38

The CPU should have a fan on it already. This is blowing hot air away from the CPU towards the side of the case where the duct/outlet is. The CPU fan should be sufficient to get the hot air into the duct (if I'm imagining it correctly). I had a case that was set up like this, and instead of buying a fan for the case itself, I bought a better CPU fan that moved more air and made much less noise (it was a Zalman, I think).

If you do want to get a fan for the case, have it blow air out of the case. If it's blowing in, it's going to be pushing the hot air that the CPU fan is pushing out right back in.

I also think it's always a good idea to balance out added fans, so if you put a new outtake fan, you may want to consider a similar intake fan in the front of your case to push cool air in. Not essential, but wouldn't hurt. I just bought some SilentX fans and was very impressed (however not very visually appealing if you have a clear case).
By: Ray (IP: 84.65.5.*)
Written on: 27-10-2006 20:04

There might be an issue of direction to be clarified ... which direction is the heatsink fan blowing - onto the heatsink or sucking hot air away from the heatsink?

THE HEATSINK GUIDE: Case Cooling article shows a side-exhaust duct - but that setup "uses a CPU cooler which exhausts air from the CPU heatsink" (rather than a CPU cooler that blows down onto the heatsink.)

For years I have run a side fan that gently blows via a duct over the CPU fan which then blows over the CPU heatsink. Hot air is exhausted by a nearby rear exhaust fan and cool fresh air is blown where it's needed most - works for me.

A CPU fan that blows over the heatsink with an exhaust side-fan mounted directly above would be a fighting match plus, warm air would be drawn past the CPU fan which will be sucking it down and blowing it over the heatsink. Not a setup I'd recommend.

Best to get the direction of the fans to compliment each other as shown in THE HEATSINK GUIDE: Case Cooling article.

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