Subject: Fan temp control - thermistor hysterisis
By: scotty (IP: 32.97.110.*)
Written on: 24-10-2006 01:26

I'm using the instructions I found on this site to build my own thermostat:


I'm trying to mount two case fans (120 mm) to the top of my entertainment center cabinet where my htpc and other AV equipment are. My concern with the approach listed is what happens when the temperature hovers at the set temp. For example, if I adjust the setup for turning on the fans at about 100* F, and the temperature is bouncing around there, are the fans going to be turning off and on?

Modern thermostats have a built in differential, so if you set at 100* F, it will kick in at 102* and turn off at 98*. Does something like that exist for this setup? Would the natural hysterisis of the thermistor take care of that for me?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

By: Phil (IP: 87.114.69.*)
Written on: 30-01-2008 19:37


This controller isn\'t an on-off type thermostat like you might have for your central heating., or if you have an electric fan on your car radiator. It varies the fan speed, getting faster as the temperature rises closer to the set point.
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