Subject: Which # of MOSFET's could work with the temp control
By: Netshark (IP: 201.141.136.*)
Written on: 26-10-2006 21:21

I couldn't get a IRFZ24N mosfet, but I've got a IRFZ30;
Can It work well? I don't know very much about the transistors nomenclature.

I would be great that someone posted a list of the compatible MOSFET's around there.

By: hybridize (IP: 203.173.209.*)
Written on: 21-09-2007 06:08

I\'ve used IRF540N\'s from Jaycar ( Australasian ), 60N06\'s from Dick Smith ( O.K. I was desperate ). Like it says in the third paragraph of \"Building the unit\", \"The MOSFET can be just about any.......\"
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