Subject: Please confirm that this a Socket 775 Extreme Edition heatsink
By: Ray (IP: 81.79.134.*)
Written on: 01-11-2006 16:46

Can some kind soul please confirm that the pictures linked below are from a Socket 775 Extreme Edition heatsink from a Pentium (or maybe a Conroe EE)? The Pentium EE sSpec codes are SL8FK, SL94N & SL9AN. Box codes are BX80551PGH3200F, BX80553955, & BX80553965 respectively.

Pictures links;-

Other info:-
Massively heavy - just over 600gm
Heatsink fins are small at just 30mm tall
Copper core is huge - about twice the diameter of anything else I've seen from Intel. The center of the core is deeply recessed from the top.
Fan part number is D34052-001, by NIDEC, 12V & 0.42A

Thanks, Ray

By: legendary (IP: 71.97.164.*)
Written on: 06-03-2009 16:14

yes, looks like the same thing from the intel site as well as the ones found on ebay for sle
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