Subject: Help Please!
By: HovisUk (IP: 193.195.7.*)
Written on: 09-11-2006 11:47

Please could someone help advise on my cooling setup.

The current situation is:-

I have a pc (Advent, P4 2.8Gz, Win XP home ed.) bought around 4 years ago from Pc World (i know, pc world..). I used to use it for playing games but now its pretty much surfing the net, downloading stuff and converting files for use on my PSP.

Recently the pc started turning off randomly, no warnings/BSOD etc., just bang no power.

After trawling the net for help ive decided its likely to be either a) the memory b) overheating or c) who knows.

I tried checking using memory testers but the pc always turns off halfway through.

So i looked into and using speedfan found that as the pc is processing the 3 temperatures reported rise to approximately 29C, 100C and 125C respectively.

Doesnt sound too good to me, so ive tried checking the BIOS for max shut off temps and cant access it (just skips it on bootup).

So im back to where i started, but i decided to try and cool the pc down. Opening the case the inside was covered in dust, so ive cleaned that out and removed the fans and cleaned them. One is worn and needs replacing (processor fan).

Unfortunately i cant remember which way the case fan was blowing!

My setup is, 1 Power supply fan (exhaust), 1 case fan (unknown), 1 duct from power supply fan to top of processor fan (seems to be intake).

I removed the processor fan from the heatsink and the top surface of the heatsink is covered in grey dry powder (i.e. the surface that the fan rests on). Is this some sort of thermal compound? Do i need to clean and replace when installing a new fan?

Ive also managed to get the heatsink off (it was clipped down securely) so i presume i need some thermal compound for the bottom? (where it attaches to the processor). Do i need to clean both surfaces first, if so, what with?

Please could someone advise on the above (i.e. fan direction, use of thermal compound on top and bottom of heatsink). Sorry for the essay, i am new to case cooling and ive only opened it to install a graphics card and dvd writer in the past!

Thanks in advance

By: Ray (IP: 81.76.102.*)
Written on: 12-11-2006 03:49

Sounds like your CPU is being shut down by the motherboard (BIOS).

Un-dusting is v v good as long as you use a proper air duster (not a vacuum cleaner).

Case fans tend to blow in if fitted to the front/side of the case - and blow out if fitted to the back/top of the case.

Thoroughly clean both surfaces (CPU & heatsink) with isopropyl alcohol & re-fit the CPU heatsink with a fresh pad (Akasa ShinEtsu) or paste (Shinetsu Microsi etc).

A new CPU heatsink+fan is a good idea. I always over-specify this. So, if the CPU is an Intel 2.4C I'd use an Extreme Edition heatsink. If the CPU is an Intel 3.06B I'd use an Extreme Edition heatsink. If the CPU is an Intel 2.8 30-capper I'd use an Extreme Edition heatsink ... see the pattern?

Let us know what your new temperatures are ...

HTH, Ray
By: hovis (IP: 80.1.224.*)
Written on: 13-11-2006 21:51

ok i've cleaned it all out and used arctic silver as instructed, then replaced both fans (heatsink and case), the heatsink fan was a 70mm so i just used what i could get, the case fan ive used an akasa amber ultraquiet (seems pretty good but i think my old one span at higher rpms).

Ive left the duct out for now, and so far so good. Removing the dust seems to have had the biggest impact, now under load the system runs at 29c/51c/128c, which probably doesnt sound good but the middle value is a huge improvement and my pc no longer turns off!

Id like to get an intake fan at some point but my case is limited to say the least. I have spare drive bays but the front of the case has no inlets for air, so no go there, and there are no mounts or holes for fans on the sides. I may look into drilling some but it may be worth changing the case completely if it comes to that!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help, without you guys i could easily have ended up paying through the nose for a professional to look at it or replacing the whole setup!
By: Hybridize (IP: 203.173.209.*)
Written on: 21-09-2007 05:52

I\'m interested in the comment about air dusting, not vacuuming!? I\'ve vacuumed for years, I\'ve been lucky (?), touch wood, or should that be touch metal. I always hold onto whatever I\'m cleaning. I would be interested in lots of feedback.
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