Subject: no heat sink
By: ddpiano (IP: 70.21.114.*)
Written on: 10-11-2006 16:44

I put together a dell Optiplex GX520 from parts obtained from dell and ebay. I have everything needed but didnt realize it didnt have a heatsink and fan shround. I had to order it and it will take a few days. I have a Celeron D 3.33GHz Processor in it. Can I turn it on long enough to check out the bios without damageing anything until I get the heat sink? I just want to make sure it starts up at this point. Thanks!

By: Cristi (IP: 83.103.222.*)
Written on: 11-11-2006 19:03

Whell I woudn't suggest to turn it on without a heatsink, because you will probably damage the CPU, you could power the system for 4-5 seconds but not longer and then you need to shut it down, but you do all this at your own risk, If I was in your case I would wait for the heatsink to arrive.

By: Ray (IP: 81.76.102.*)
Written on: 12-11-2006 04:01


If your PC even turns on (which I doubt) you will fry the CPU almost instantly.

Let me explain ... on modern PC's, during the POST (Power On Self Test) the presence of a CPU fan is checked. If no CPU fan is detected, the PC simply refuses to start. Period. End of fun.

If you have a CPU fan plugged in but no heatsink fitted to the CPU - the CPU will overheat right away. End of fun and start of more expense.

So - why the gamble? Just get it right and fit what's required.

HTH, Ray

By: foxychik (IP: 86.135.241.*)
Written on: 04-03-2007 23:30

hi i saw you say you bought a heat sink for gx520 i have done the same but having trouble to find right heat sink for it could you tell me the one you got please thank skayleigh
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