Subject: Conroe heatsinks
By: Ray (IP: 81.77.175.*)
Written on: 15-11-2006 22:25

OK, we've all heard by now that Intel's new Allendale / Conroe CPUs run cool because they draw tiny amounts of power.

So why do all the Allendale / Conroe heatsinks have a copper core? And why do they weigh so much? For example;-
E6300 =/= 500 grams and a big fan
E6600 =/= 500 grams and a small fan
... list to be updated when I get an Extreme Edition cooler in the next day or so.

Whereas, the lowish-speed, far hotter running, power hungrier Presler Pentium D's have a very similar heatsink (500 gram) albeit the fans spin about 10% faster on the Preslers - at idle temperatures.

Surely Intel could have gotten away with supplying their much cheaper all-aluminium coolers on the E's.This intrigues me because I've never known Intel to throw money away. So why over-spec these coolers by such a large margin?

By: Ray (IP: 81.77.163.*)
Written on: 18-11-2006 19:34

As promised here are the Conroe Extreme Edition E6800 (2.93ghz * 2 ) cooler details.

Pictures are at ...

Other info ...
Weight 550 grams
Serial number D59961 - 002
12v 0.31A
Speed approx 2,200rpm at idle
4-pin connector
Fan colour greyish-blue
Fan blades 7
Heat Pad 3-piece (Same on all Allendale/Conroe heatsinks although the EE heatpad has a textured surface rather than the plain, smooth pads on Allendale Conroe heatsinks. Intel no longer provide replacement heatpads. Instead they supply Dow Corning thermal grease in one-shot syringe (looks a bit like ShineEtsu Microsi paste).
Copper core heatsink with what looks like 4 rivet marks (circular, partial, on the outer edge of the copper core).
NOT compatible with Pentium / Pentium D CPU's according to Intel - see, 1st bullet point.

If I think of anything else to mention I'll add it later as my breakfast, lunch & dinner is ready!
By: Ray (IP: 81.76.31.*)
Written on: 27-11-2006 18:10

I've had a chance to hook up a couple of LGA775 Extreme Edition coolers in test mode (not fitted to a CPU) and my earlier speed estimate was way, way off.

These monsters operated at 3,950rpm!!!

Not quiet ... and not for the PC case perched on your desktop, for sure! It would be interesting to compare notes with anyone else with one of these fitted to an Extreme Edition processor.

HTH, Ray
By: Audiotone (IP: 66.67.146.*)
Written on: 29-01-2008 05:38

I have one of these fans on a Pentium 4 EE 3.73 1066mb fsb processor,d975xbx2 board,Im using a fanmate rpms at 1700, idles at 39 degrees orthos after 1hr- 59 degrees.-I like it.
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