Subject: Is my heatsink large enough?
By: Bob (IP: 72.10.136.*)
Written on: 20-11-2006 00:55

Refer to this photo to understand my question:

Is my heatsink large enough ?

The heatsink I have more than completely covers the GPU chip but doesn't completely covers the white thing that surrounds it.

The friend who sold me the heatsink told me it doesn't matter as the white square (which is dark gray on my X700 card) will never get warm or anything.

(By the way, what is the name of the white square thing so I can do a search on my own.)

Thank you

By: Ray (IP: 81.77.176.*)
Written on: 25-11-2006 18:42

I think the white square has two functions. 1) as an anti-condensation layer, which prevents any moisure from escaping onto the circuit of the graphics card & motherboard etc 2) anti-crush, which prevents the GPU from over-tightening of the heatsink to the card.
The anti-condensation layer is required when the temperature of the GPU falls below ambient temperature e.g., as a result of a very efficient heatsink. Moisure from the air will always condense onto surfaces that are cooler than ambient. Without theis pad, the moisutre would build up into water droplets and ruin anything it came into contact with. I believe the common term is Neoprene padding - see these black versions and this DIY application
By: Bob (IP: 72.10.130.*)
Written on: 27-11-2006 17:08

Thanks, that was very useful.
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