Subject: Welcome to the new discussion board
By: Tillmann (IP: 84.57.70.*)
Written on: 14-12-2004 13:32


welcome to the new Heatsink Guide discussion board. Feel free to ask your questions here, or leave your comments.

best regards,

By: Masoud (IP: 62.220.96.*)
Written on: 01-01-2005 15:07

Dear sirs
My name is Masoud Mahmoudi and I am working in a research company. I
am looking for a device which can chill alchol passing through a pipe
from 22 deg centigrade to 16. I want a device (like peltier or any
other) which can do that for us. The heat which must be removed is about 1
> Can you help us doing it?
> Thanks for your attention.
> Yours Sincerely Masoud Mahmoudi
By: Maoud (IP: 62.220.96.*)
Written on: 01-01-2005 15:08

I am sorry I forgot write my e-mail.If it is possible for you please answer my question to this e-mail:
By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.0.*)
Written on: 01-01-2005 19:56


You could build yourself a liquid cooler using parts that are easily commercially available (watercooling parts targeted at overclockers).

You need: A large heatsink/fan combination, a peltier element, and a so-called "Waterblock" (part of a watercooling system).

Install the heatsink on the hot side of the peltier element. Install the cold side of the peltier element on the waterblock (meaning: Exactly the other way around as it normally should be if the waterblock is used for cooling a heat source!). Lead the liquid to be cooled through the waterblock.

The power of the peltier element (and the heatsink) you need depends on the rate of flow. Be sure to read the Peltier Guide on this site.

best regards,
By: Rukee (IP: 24.196.133.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 18:32

Your link on Vapo Phase is not exactly correct. You say, quote "Today, the ASETek VapoChill website is just a collection of error messages, and it appears the VapoChill systems are no longer available on the market. However, AseTek had some success building and selling conventional watercooling systems, which are still available at some retailers today."
Try to view their page with a real browzer and their web page displays just fine. They still make the best phase-change products on the planit with new phase change products and kits being offered for sale all the time.
Now that you know you are spreading missinformation, do yourself a favor and change the page so you don`t look so bad!!

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 19:02


thank you for your feedback, I have updated the text on the vapor phase refrigeration page.

I tried with 3 different standard compliant browsers (Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera) and always got plenty of error messages. After reading your posting, I tried it at work where I have Windows 2003 Server installed, and even there with IE 6 it didn't work - I got an error message stating that the current security settings would prevent this page from being displayed correctly; and the menu didn't work (and I'm certainly not going to compromise my employer's machines by lowering IE security settings). So, if anyone is looking bad, it's Ase tek for not making a proper website.

By: Rukee (IP: 24.196.133.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 19:05

..but you are saying "and it appears the VapoChill systems are no longer available on the market"

That couldn`t be further from the truth, and you know it. Their phase-change units are available all over the world. Unless your intent is misslead and missinform the public....
Fix it.
By: Rukee (IP: 24.196.133.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 19:13

so now you say: "So, it can be said that vapor phase refrigeration for PCs was a commercial failure"
That`s laughable dude!! Ever look at the top of the futuremark bench ratings?? See who`s on top? see what cooling they are running?? Notice they all run phase-change cooling??
Have you ever run a phase-change cooler yourself?? Ever witness the near silent running of a Vapo XE running a heavy OC`d chip at 25 below zero C??
If you ever had, you would never go back to air, and certially never recomend water again. New head designes and kits fit all the new socket types and they have been adapted to fit everything from Video cards to northbridge chips. You really need to rethink your whole phase-change stance!!

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 19:43


yes, Vapor Phase refrigeration was a commercial failure. The technology has been available for years, and what percentage of the total PC cooling market does it account for? I don't have exact data, but I'm sure it's way below 0.0001% or something.

What do benchmarks have to do with commercial success? Supercomputers by Thinking Machines (for example) were on top of the benchmark charts for years, and nevertheless, they were a commercial failure.

Concerning the wide availability - what I say is true, Vapor Phase refrigeration systems are not widely available. In my town I know at least 15 shops where I can just walk in and buy a standard heatsink, and at least 3 shops where I can walk in and buy a watercooling system. But I do not know _any_ shop in a radius of 500km where I can just walk in and buy a vapor phase refrigeration cooler.

Just the fact that you can order it from the net doesn't make it widely available, either.

By: Rukee (IP: 24.196.133.*)
Written on: 07-01-2005 20:08

Asetek is the only company making phase-change machines for the public. Just cause you can`t find them in your home town doesn`t change the fact that most all OCing enthusiasts(sp?) strive to get the lowest core temp available to get the maxx OC they can. A Vapochill does just that. Granted it may not be for the masses, but there is a market and they are being sold, saying there is no market and they are not available is poor reporting on your part. Learn about what your slamming before you slam it at least. You are missinforming the public!!
By: Rukee (IP: 24.196.133.*)
Written on: 08-01-2005 03:59

Welcome to the new Heatsink Guide
Wednesday, December 15, 2004 / Tillmann
Founded in early 1997, The Heatsink Guide is probably the oldest website dedicated to PC cooling. It began to show its age, though - the design hadn't been updated for over five years.

What you see now is a completely revamped version of the Heatsink Guide. Not only the design has been changed, but also all articles have been updated, new ones have been added, and old, obsolete information was removed.

^^^ You might wanna follow up on that!!! ^^
By: certeza (IP: 134.146.0.*)
Written on: 10-01-2005 11:57

Dear Sir, Madam:

I am currently working on a research assignment about peltier elements. Although I already found very much information about this topic I still have some questions, which I hope you can answer.
If I understand correctly, delta Tmax is always dictated by the transferred power. Is this the main general limiting factor when designing a peltier element?
Are there any institutes (Universities) that are doing specific research on peltier elements?
Where do you see the future (trends) of peltier elements? Is there actually a conference or meetings about this issue?

Thank you for your time
Regards InÍs
By: Zondi (IP: 86.132.10.*)
Written on: 11-09-2005 21:33

Rukee, you are the one "misinforming the public". Read the vapor phase pages. It says that the products are not widely avaliable, which they are not, and that they were a comercial failure, which they were. Also, be polite, its in the rules.
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