Subject: CPU constantly overheating!
By: udm (IP: 165.21.154.*)
Written on: 27-11-2006 21:47

Hi guys, I've got a big problem. My CPU is hitting 75 degrees when idle, and usually goes to 85 degrees or higher when I run CPU intensive games. Then the com will shut down

I've checked, my heatsink is definitely fixed in properly. I've got 5 8cm case fans, and I'm using a copper heatsink, so there's no way the idle temp should be 75 degrees. Heatsink runs at 4400RPM on average. I was thinking if it could be due to a faulty motherboard temp sensor, but I don't want to waste my money on a new mobo and realise that the problem lies with something else. Help please!

By: Ray (IP: 84.68.25.*)
Written on: 04-12-2006 21:18

More details would be nice;-
a) CPU make & model/speed?
b) is the heatsink original & unmodified?
c) how many 8cm fans blow into the case, how many blow out of the case?
d) what thermal compound are you using between the CPU & heatsink?
Immediate suggestions;-
1) if the comp shuts down it probably is overheating
2) if the heatsink fan runs at 4,400rpm this is also a sign of overheating

(Who has heard of one guy who tried to RMA a P4 Prescott 3.4 ... turned out he was running a standard Celeron cooler on it. It reached 90C - what a surprise!!!)
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