Subject: Pentium 840D Safe Temperature?
By: Blitz1775 (IP: 74.130.58.*)
Written on: 29-11-2006 17:18

Well my computer had a few hiccups when running WOW and it hadn't did that before so I went to check out the temperature of my computer and found it to be at 63-69 C under load.

I was wondering since this site says 69.8C is the safe temperature is that good?.

Reason I was wondering about it was on the site it says that Intel for this set measures the temperature off internal case temperature and mines only at ~30-33 C so its kind of confusing @@.

*Note*: Mine is a semi-fanless system (for lack of a better word). (I.E. The heatsink does not have a fan directly on it, but there is a cover you put on top the heatsink that connects to a fan.

By: Ray (IP: 84.68.25.*)
Written on: 04-12-2006 21:27

I've always favoured a fan on top of the heatsink blowing onto the heatsink. Having a source of fresh air fed from outside the case (via a duct) is also nice.
I don't know for sure but it sounds like you have a BTX (??) system - what Intel describe as a "thermally advantaged solution". Hmmm.
If you want to try to run cooler it might be worth taking the cover off and jury-rigging a decent fan to blow directly onto the heatsink (with the cover still off) to see if it makes a difference.
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