Subject: Cu heatsink RoHS plating
By: Bob (IP: 63.163.226.*)
Written on: 01-12-2006 20:40

Our customer wants us to stop using Sn plating on Cu heatsinks. He claims this could cause Sn whisker problem. I know this is a problem with fine pitch parts, but we have used Cu heatsinks in our products for 35 years and never heard of Sn whiskers growing on them. Can anyone suggest a plating that can still be used when soldering heatsinks to a PCB (Pb free solder) ?

By: Asmodeus (IP: 208.252.215.*)
Written on: 05-12-2006 23:21

You can try to use silver solder. That should work out pretty well. I use it without a problem all the time and I do things on the microscopic level.
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