Subject: Adding to the fan controller
By: Kevin Wilson (IP: 172.141.39.*)
Written on: 07-12-2006 14:00

I hope this isn't too off-topic.

I have just built the fan controller from this site to cool my AV cabinet, and it's working well. I would now like to put a cheap LCD thermometer, which I bought a while ago, into the same enclosure.

The LCD thermometer runs off of a 1.5V battery, and I would like to power it from the same 12V supply that is powering the controller circuit.

After a bit of searching, I think I might need to use two resistors in series (a voltage divider?). I don't really understand how this works - would I need to know the current that the thermometer draws? Is there a better way of reducing the voltage?

If anybody could help I'd be very grateful.


By: Lom (IP: 76.212.130.*)
Written on: 22-01-2007 18:59

Where did you find the thermistor?
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