Subject: cooler problem
By: devlin (IP: 85.204.161.*)
Written on: 09-12-2006 08:48

Hello guys,

I have this problem: after changing the old power source of my comp (built in) with a newer, more powerful source, I noticed a change in the CPU cooler behavior. The cooler would start spinning when the comp is turned on, but it will stop some 15 seconds later, while the Windows is loading. If I press the reset button, the system will (normally) restart but this time the cooler will work fine without any interruption. I am wondering if this is a cooler problem, a motherboard problem or it may be from my lack of experience in plugging the cables of the power supply into the motherboard / cooler. I bought the computer a year ago and I have never encountered this problem before changing the power supply. Have you guys had this kind of problem?


By: Dan (IP: 158.230.100.*)
Written on: 20-12-2006 15:24

I've built quite a few computers and never come accross this, if in doute try putting the old PSU back in to see if the problem persists. If it does I would suspect your cooler or motherboard. You could also try pluging the fan into another power source i.e. an adapter from one of the drive cables, or another port on the MB
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