Subject: Laptop cooling
By: Sketch (IP: 58.170.93.*)
Written on: 11-12-2006 06:39

i have just recently bought a laptop and want to get max performance while gaming. Is it worth getting an external laptop cooling system? and if so any tips on buying one?


By: Dan (IP: 158.230.100.*)
Written on: 20-12-2006 15:19

I wouldn't bother doing anything with the cooling on a laptop (if there is such a system?), if your serious about gaming then go for a desktop, laptops are great for occassional gaming on the move and have limited game play but I wouldn't suggest using one for full time gaming for heat reasons aswell as the quality of gaming you'll be able to use it for will be lacking.
By: Sketch (IP: 58.170.89.*)
Written on: 23-12-2006 10:47

ok, thanxs
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