Subject: 1U server cooling issue
By: kwowt (IP: 193.77.185.*)
Written on: 13-12-2006 16:18


I'm setting up a server, its Celeron 2.6GHz, with 2GB RAM and SATA hard drive. Its running on socket 478 and i'm using Dynatron's D32 cooler for it:

The cooler temperature is about 60C now in a closed 1U rack server, but that is only BIOS PC health status, i'm worried how its gonna be when the system really starts working (compiling, etc) in Linux, will the CPU heat dramaticly change or not?

Do you think the CPU is too hot at 60C, and is it the same with Celerons that if the temperature reaches max, they only slow down and are undamaged?

Thanks, Urban

By: kwowt (IP: 193.77.185.*)
Written on: 13-12-2006 16:22

I ment 'the CPU temperature is 60C' not the cooler
By: Dan (IP: 158.230.100.*)
Written on: 20-12-2006 15:15

I would say that that is a little high for a celeron as these are supposed to be low powered CPU, I would make sure you've secured it correctly and put a small amount of thermal paste or a pad on the chip / heat sink.

60oC isn't going to damage the CPU but under load this could rise over 10oC depending on the temperature in the room and efficiency of your heatsink. Most Intel CPU's have a thermal cut off i.e. they will slow right down or stop all together to save the chip.
By: kwowt (IP: 193.77.185.*)
Written on: 08-01-2007 23:41

I realised the cooling wasnt setted up right, the blower was blowing the hot air in the direction of the system blowers, so there was no airflow to go out..when i changed the direction, the temp. went down to 29C. Thanks for the answer, ur site helped me to fix it.
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