Subject: I need HSF suggestions for my new C2D rig
By: adg1034 (IP: 76.17.151.*)
Written on: 26-12-2006 17:24

So, I'm getting a Gigabyte DS3, Antec P180, and an E6400. I've seen people get very, very good results on stock air, but I've also been recommended the Thermaltake Big Typhoon, and I'm not quite sure what to get. My Newegg order goes out tomorrow (for the 6400 and potential HSF), and I'd like some suggestions/recommendations/etc. I am planning on doing some OCing with this (I would so like to get this up to 3GHz), if that makes a difference, and while I don't mind some noise in my system, less would be better (as I leave it on overnight in my dorm room some nights while I am... downloading certain things). You guys always seem to come up with an answer, so thank you in advance. Also, this is my first Intel rig (something I once swore I'd never do), but my A64 3200+ was getting a bit long in the tooth, and I thought it was time to upgrade. Wish me luck.

By: Ray (IP: 81.79.116.*)
Written on: 28-12-2006 15:59

The E6400 comes with a good high capacity stock 480 gram heatsink with a large copper core and multiple radial fins. This heatsink is like the ones used on dual-core Presler except for one thing. The fan runs much slower hence are quieter.

For example, the Allendale (E6400) fan spins at an average speed of 1,500 - 2,000rpm. That is QUIET! (It's also the reason that it's not backward compatible with Presler or single-core socket 775 CPU's -that's Intel official BTW!)

At the other end of the spectrum, the Conroe X6800 Extreme Edition heatsink fan spins at approx 2,900rpm and sits on a heatsink with a mssive copper core - the whole assembly weighs about 550 grams. However, even that high-for-Intel fan speed is less than e.g., an official AMD 3500+ heatsink:- that spins over 3,000rpm.

As for overclocking & aftermarket heatsinks I leave that to others with experience of such things - all I know is that in a recent magazine I read of one retail base unit which is supplied with an E6300 1.8ghz overclocked to 2.2ghz ... as standard!

(All these RPM's were measured off-CPU i.e., prior to fitting. The fans will speed up if necessary, like all modern Intel fans. Yes, I've got one of each of these Intel C2D HSF's due to lack of info anywhere else on the Interweb. Pics here ... 2 pages worth.)
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