Subject: Need good idea...mobo clip for HS spring broke!
By: CoachSteve (IP: 76.17.57.*)
Written on: 28-12-2006 06:04

So I'm still using my old Abit BL7-RAID P4, 1.5, when the alarm starts going off. I investigate, clean fins, fans etc., and then realize that the heatsink is held onto the chipset chip by 2 springs that hook into small loops (think u-bolt) built into the mobo. 1 of those loops is gone! I need to figure out a way to attach something to the mobo for the spring to hook under. Any ideas?

A cable tie would work but is much too big for the needle size holes...
Dental floss?

AND, I don't even want to START my system til I have addressed it.



By: Ray (IP: 81.79.116.*)
Written on: 28-12-2006 15:56

As long as your Abit NB heatsink is standard not a huge aftermarket item, Sekisui #5760 thermal tape alone might do the trick, as it's used as standard on larger aftermarket NB heatsinks.
Get a strip of tape (really cheap on Ebay etc). Take the chipset heatsink off and permanently remove the spring clip. Clean up the heatsink and gently remove any thermal residue from the Northbridge. (Then clean everything again!). Apply the tape to the NB HS, pup it onto the NB and the job's done.
I do recommend checking it all out for a few minutes then check again after say, an hour.
If the heatsink is warm and has stayed in place, then all is well. The thermal tape is doing it's job.
The alternative is to get the soldering iron out, make a steel "U"-shape hook & solder it to the M/B. Good luck!
By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 30-01-2007 10:55


you might have noticed that there are four holes in your motherboard, around the CPU. These provide an alternative heatsink mounting method, especially used for heavy heatsinks.

I would recommend that you get a heatsink that can be mounted using screws that go through these holes. These are typically more expensive, high-end coolers (e.g. Alpha PAL8942T or Swiftech MCX462 / MCX4000B). But maybe you can get one quite cheap on eBay.

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