Subject: New to custom computers!
By: Spencer (IP: 71.201.24.*)
Written on: 28-12-2006 21:57

I'm new to building a custom computer, but have common knowledge about computers. I purchased a barebone kit from that including an ATX DOOM Series case (includes a 80mm side fan and possible 120mm fan port in the back), P4M800 Pro-M7 motherboard, Intel D Processor (3.0 ghz), and a Masscool CPU Fan (Masscool 8W0141B1M3G).

I put everything together properly, I believe I put enough thermal compound on there, but maybe it was way too thin. When I power up the computer the beginning temp is around 65C. It boots into Win XP64 and I run a couple programs, go on Foxfire and do normal things. Then XP freezes and I figure it happens, I decided to reboot as it boots back up I notice the temp is around 89C! WHOA! That doesn't seem right. I've read that Dual core processors run hot, but I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking I need a new CPU fan, bigger and faster and maybe another case fan? Again, I'm new to this and need some support.


By: bramptonmt (IP: 74.122.57.*)
Written on: 03-01-2007 04:24

I purchased barebone kit from tigerdiect Pentium D 3.0 Ghz with Masscool fan and idle is around 57-60 deg C. I am thinking of getting a new CPU cooler too.
By: Shazaam (IP: 68.224.102.*)
Written on: 25-02-2007 13:08

Apparently, other users have observed that the Masscooler does not work very well on L775 sockets.
The best CPU coolers are the very large ones like the Tuniq Tower, Thermalright 120 and Ninja Scythe, all of which require a backplate for support and hence, removal of the MoBo. For a simple install, The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro or the Thermaltake TMG i1 are quite effective. I run a core 2 Duo x6800 and the initial heatsink was defective. I was hitting temps of 60-75C! I replaced it with the thermaltake TMG i1 and temps dropped to 38-40C. I added two quiet 12cm case fans (Box Mod) and right now the processor is right at 30C in an ambient of 20 C. Good Luck.
By: LazerFish (IP: 70.100.195.*)
Written on: 22-03-2007 08:27

You should definitly get a new Heatsink/Fan that was designed for a dual-core CPU. Also, always use Arctic 5 Silver thermal Compound, any other thermal compund will not be as effective at dissipating heat.
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