Subject: Need to operate a PC in a weatherproof outdoor housing
By: OutdoorCooler (IP: 67.189.216.*)
Written on: 05-02-2007 00:16

I need to put an x86 computer in a weatherproof outdoor housing and operate it over a WIDE range of ambient temperatures. So it will need both heating and cooling.

A complication is that it must operate in high humidity, heavy rain (hurricanes) and conductive (steel) dust.

I seems to me that I need a two-chamber enclosure. One chamber has the machine and is mostly sealed, and the other chamber is exposed to the outside air. A heat exchanger is needed to move heat from the machine to the outside air.

Any suggestions ? The size of box I'm targeting is about 18" x 18" x 6" for a small motherboard and hard drive that total about 30 watts.

I'm at coolguy(at)omdi(dot)com.

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