Subject: Designing heatsink
By: James (IP: 61.4.103.*)
Written on: 05-02-2007 09:39

Hi. I'm currently designing a new heatsink using pure copper (C110). The new design is intended for the processor of laptop/mini pc. But i have no idea how to test the performance.
The height of my heatsink is just 1mm, including the base. The thickness of the base is controlled within 0.1mm.

By: windson (IP: 60.53.247.*)
Written on: 21-09-2007 11:35

Heatsink performance is measured in C/W (or K/W - since we\'re dealing with temperature differences, there is no difference between Celsius and Kelvin scale here). We refer to this as thermal resistance ().

An example for what these values mean: if a thermal load of 20W is applied to a heatsink, and this causes the temperature of the heat source to raise by 10C, the heatsink has a rating of of 10C/20W = 0.5C/W.

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