Subject: Newbie - Do I use thermal compound *and* a thermal pad?
By: Scott (IP: 195.212.29.*)
Written on: 09-02-2007 19:58


Reading on this website: "In no case, a thermal pad and thermal compound should be used together."

I couldn't work out if they meant that you should always use the compound [B]and[/B] a pad or only one of them? Please help before I inadvertantly blow my new CPU up!!

Very new to all this upgrading malarky! ;o)



By: LazerFish (IP: 70.100.195.*)
Written on: 22-03-2007 08:24

It should say:
"In no case should a thermal pad and thermal paste be used together."
So the answer is: Only use one or the other. Thermal paste is better than a thermal pad, if applied properly.
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