Subject: I Gotcha Uncovered
By: ragamillbagapoo (IP: 71.202.211.*)
Written on: 16-02-2007 16:08

Love, love, love your site! (Whosever it is) I buy brand name personal computers and the first thing I do is remove the covers and throw them away. Will this increase/decrease my CPU temperature? My Pentium D 2.80GH is rated 63C and runs according to BIOS at 40C.

By: LazerFish (IP: 70.100.195.*)
Written on: 22-03-2007 08:22

If the case has proper cooling it would be best to keep the case door closed, to keep air flowing the right direction. If you only have a CPU fan, with no case fans, leaving the door open would be better. My CPU runs around 30C, I have 2 120mm fans and 1 80mm fan cooling my case.
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