Subject: Preapplied thermal compound on heatsink - missing in the corners
By: mari (IP: 61.68.2.*)
Written on: 26-02-2007 12:25

My retail intel heatsink 'preapplied thermal paste' is missing in the corners. I think it just wore off. I know that the whole of the cpu should be covered or your cpu can get hotspots. Should I 'patch the corners' with thermal paste on the heatsink or on the cpu? Or should I just remove it all off the heatsink and apply new thermal paste on the cpu? I am a newbie at computer building and any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

By: Ray (IP: 81.77.105.*)
Written on: 31-03-2007 02:29

The CPU core that sits under the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS - the silver thing on top of the package) is something like 10mm x 10mm. The pre-appled thermal interface needs to be fresh & undamaged , mainly in the centre. If the corners are missing it will probably make zero difference as, when the heatsink is clamped down, the thermal interface spreads out everywhere.
HTH, Ray
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