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Inclose BayCooler II

Hate those "el cheapo" coolers with plenty of plastic parts? Well, if you're seeking for professional quality, then have a look at the BayCooler II. Apart from the three ball bearing fans and the dust filter, you won't find a single plastic part on this cooler. The entire assembly is made of metal and leaves an impression of very high quality. It provides very vibration-free mounting for the hard drive. A HDD activity LED is also included (with two different connectors, so that it is compatible with all HDDs), plus a very effective dust filter, which can be easily removed and cleaned. The BayCooler II is equiped with three fans, which provide good airflow. The dust filter acts as an "airflow brake", though - for even better cooling performance, you can remove the dust filter; I really wouldn't do that though.

Thanks to its three fans, the BayCooler II provides good cooling performance. Not quite up to the IStorm, but nevertheless it is a great alternative for those who don't like the IStorm for some reason, or find the BayCooler II the more elegant solution. Even with the filter, the BayCooler II provides enough cooling for all of today's HDDs.


Nothing special to say about the installation - simple and straightforward. Install your HDD inside the BayCooler II, and then install the BayCooler II inside your PC - that's it.

InClose BayCooler II
A larger picture of the BayCooler II

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