Overview: King Kong II
Noise +
Air flow +
Dust protection -
++ is best, -- is worst
+ Good price-performance ratio
- no dust filter

The design

The "original" King Kong HDD cooler (sold, for example, by 1CoolPC under the name hddHO) was based on a simple aluminum heatsink, with three fans, but no face plate. It provided cooling both "by contact" and "by airflow". For a long time, it has been a very popular hard drive cooler.

The new King Kong II has a design that's quite different from the old King Kong - the good news is that it has a real face plate, as you can see on the image. But unfortunately Global WIN also replaced the big black aluminum heatsink that made the King Kong famous by a simple thin metal plate. Thus, the King Kong II cools the hard drive only through the airflow coming from its three fans. The cooling performance is good, but not quite up to the IStorm.

On the King Kong II, the fans not only suck air inside the case, but also dust: unlike most other HDD coolers in this comparison, the it does not have any dust filter.


Nothing special to say about the installation - simple and straightforward. Install your HDD inside the King Kong II, and then install the King Kong II inside your PC - that's it.

King Kong II
Larger picture of the King Kong II

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