THE HEATSINK GUIDE: CPU temperature survey results, May 1998 - October 1998

Heatsink used CPU used over-
voltage Mother-
Max. Temp.
Cool-it Dude FA6EXB AMD-K6/233 250 (83x3) 3.2V MTech R581A Cool-it Dude XA1HTC paste Enlight 6680 AT Mid Tower. 3" Fan in top back blowing out. Used 3" hole saw to cut 3" hole in lower front steel chasis across from CPU. Mounted a 3" intake fan over hole blowing on CPU. Very Good air flow between steel chasis and plasic face plate. 34c wit40.5 40.5°C
FA6EXB AMD-K6/233 250 3.2V MTech R581A XA1HTC Enlight AT Mid Tower. One 3" fan/out. 40.5°C
globalwin cpm25603-16 pentium 200mmx 266 2.9 asus tx-97 yes built-in airconditioner 34°C
PC Power & Cooling's Z1 Intel 200MHz MMX 250MHz 2.8 Volts Asus TX97-E Yes (Supplied with Heatsink) 3 case fans one at the front one at the side aimed at a Voodoo2 12MB card and anoth sucking air out the top. I usually leave a 12inch cooling fan on high in front of the case as well. 62°C
Standard attached to CPU (box version) Inter P166MXX 208 (3x83) 2.9V ABIT AX5 Additional, typical power supply 52°C
Generic Smart Heatsink and Fan K6-200 225 2.9 v M-Tech Mustang AGP Radio Shack Fan in front of case and fan at rear front blows in rear blows out. 44°C
intel in-a-box Pentium 166 MMX 208 2,8 Asus TX97-E 54°C
Asus smart fan Amd K6/233 3.3v Asus tx-97e 57°C
noname k6 233 3.3 Asus 97 none no 76°C
GlobalWin FHK20 PII300 337.5 (4.5*75) 2.83 Asus P2L97 ComputerNerd thermal compound generic case fan;slot fan; and 2 brushless cpu fans on slits in back of case 31°C
BlackIce Pentium 233 MMX 262.5 2.8 ASUS TX-97E Nope Really huge case with spare slots off. 48°C
standard pentium II 233 300 2.8 aopen ax6l no no 36°C
5 Volts Peltier cooler K6 233 266 2,8 lucky star butterfly TX Silicone grease rain or waterfall 29°C
Aavid sink and fan AMD K6 233 3.2 Asus TX97-E Case Fan 75!°C
Net-N-Dude Glacier 4500 PII 333 2.0 Abit BX6 yes 95°C
Standard Cyrix heatsink/fan Cyrix-pr-233 mmx 188/75 225/75 2.9 Shuttle Hot-569 yes using Rain 1.0 software cooler. Over-clocked sys ran, but un-stable. With Rain 1.0 sys is 99% stable. °C
ASUS fan AMD K6 266MHz n/a 2.2v core TX 97E Archer silicone heat sink compound Case has fan in psu and one in front of case by boards. Ambient temperature: 23 deg C 61°C
Globalwin CMP25603-16 Intel SY062 120mhz 150mhz (2x75mhz) standar (3.3v) Asus TX97-L yes 57°C
K6-300 heatsink/fan from a UK supplier called CPC - 4.95 UKPounds. Removed pathetic 50mm fan which didn't really do much and added a powerful, 60mm Innovation fan from Maplin Electronics - 11.72 UKPounds, which pumps 420 litres/min of air, which I think isRS Components Heat Sink Compound (544-311) @ 2.75 UKPounds. Pentium 166MMX 233MHz 2.8v GigaByte GA-586HX RS Components Heat Sink Compound (544-311) @ 2.75 UKPounds. 80mm fan at at the top of the back panel of my full tower case. 29.8°C
AAVID slim profile (the one similar to boxed pII's) with no clips but screwed on pII 300 2.8 Abit BX6 Intake fan on mid ATX case front- bottom and another fan top-side (which is basically on the side of the drive bays) to extract 35°C
Some unknown 5,5cm high Heatsink with AMD K6 233 83*3.5=292Mhz 3.2V AOPEN Rev. 3 YES 8x8cm and 12x12cm fan to cool the system-case and a 6x6cm fan to cool VGA-Card 25°C
Computernerd Cyrix 6x86/mx233 PR266 2.8 I think R581a Whatever came with it Extra tower case fan 36°C
Aavid Fan and cheap heatsink Pentium II not 12v Gigabyte GA686BX dont know two radioshack ball bearing fans 7cfm each one blowing on cpu other removing hot air upper part back of case room temp 75 this unit has a monster II and two harddrives a that make alot of heat, case is together 58°C
Intel Oringinal HeatSink and Fan Intel Pentium II 233 292 2.8 QDI legend V Yes One 3" CPU FAN mounted to case(intake) 60°C
aoc ct k6 k6 233 3.2 fic pa 2007 yes vantec cooling card 35.5°C
large heatsink with 60mm fan P55C 225 2.8 ASUS TX97-E yup 85mm case fan 55°C
aavid cheapo PII 300 normal soyo-6ba tape front case fan, 3:1.5 inch case fans mounted on back vent of ATX case. Also 3dfx cool v2 cooler. 48°C
Cheap Piece of shit that i got with my stuff.. :P Pentium P55C - MMX 200Mhz 262.5 2.8 Volts TXP4 Piece Of Shit. Nope... SuperGlue Nope, Well my comp. is next to the A/C :) 49°C
Std. Pentium P54-CS 133 MHz 187.5 3.4 Volts TX97-E Yup. RadioShack 12CFM, Non-brushed Blower (10 bucks) Pointed at top of CPU cooler with a Outcutting of a Coca-Cola(r) bottle (ghetto). (also Running 'Rain 1.0') Case is off. 52°C
Globalwin fhk-20 /w the fan from the PII-333 448 2.3 ABIT BX6 Computer heatsink compound Supermicro 750-A case /w 7 fans. 38°C
GlobalWin CPM25602-16 AMD K6 233 3.2v Soltek SL54-U5 Radio Shack CPU Idle 3.01 41°C
GlobalWin CPM25602-16 AMD K6 233 3.2v Soltek SL54-U5 Radio Shack CPU Idle 3.01 41°C
Quad-G Peltier chip cooler and Ball bearing fan 233 AMD mmx no 3.2 Top Gun i Meg L-2 radio shack ambient case temp (due to conditioned air in the test room and 2 case fans) 49°C
Thermalloy 2511B with a 60mm sunon fan that is sleeve bearing AMD K6-233 250 MHz 3.2 Asus TX97-E yup a slot fan i.e. a big 80mm fan horizontally sucking hot air n blowin it out 47°C
Sanyo Denki (same as OEM Intel) AMD K6-200 210 (2.5x83) 3.2v Asus P55T2P4 Rev 3.1 Thermalcote (by Thermalloy) 4" fan blowin over Voltage regulators. °C
3DFX Cool PHO Fan/Heatsink Combo AMD K6-2 300mhz 2.2v Epox Apollo VP3 100mhz Board Yeppers 1 High Output 3&1/8th Inch Fan Intake, 40°C
3dfxCool PHO K6-2 266 3 x 100 2.2 / 3.3 TMC TI5VG+ Radio Shack homemade slot fan 38°C
Thermalloy 2511B with a sunon 60mm fan...not ball bearing... AMD K6-233 250MHz 2.8 TX97-E YES slot fan that is an 80mm fan sucking air out. how u get 3.3V on the 41°C
Standard PII Celeron Retail fan/heatsink. New dual-fan on order. Pentium II Celeron 266 MHz 400 MHz (will try 450 soon) 3.3v DFI P2XBL Preinstalled ATX case fan 33°C
vantec PIIc-5025h PII 266 300 ? abit LX-6 yes radio shack 3in fan in front sucking air in two 3in fans in back sucking air off the cpu one small fan on riva 128 44°C
ComputerNerd FA6EXB P55c-233mmx 262 2.83 ASUS TX97-XE rev. 3.01 ComputerNerd Case fan, additional ATX power supply fan, slot fan. 50°C
AVC Mega cool >1 inch high thick pin heatsink (removed the fan! heatsink performance only) Intel 166MMX 225 Mhz 2.8core & 3.3 Asus TX 97-X MPU 3.7 Thermal grease 69 (55 with fan)°C
no idea how to call it, but is about an inch high, pin type Pentium 166 MMX 250@83 2.7 ASUS TX97-E yes big fan, design for k6, also big 49 C°C
None 33 100 1.5 286 Water Dry Ice -10°C
Standard Intel box fan Pentium MMX 233 MHz 262 (3.5 x 75) 2.7 v Asus TX97-E not sure none 68°C
Intel Standard Boxed Heatsink PII 266 350 (100x3.5) Auto Aopen Ax6B Intake fan Bottom/Front of case 38°C
home made active peltier. k6 166 250 at 83 Meg bus 3.3,3.5 tmc ti5vg+ yes 5 fans 120 mm, 90 mm, 2*80 mm, 60 mm ols inside case down to 0.3 C below room temperature.°C
aavid amd k6 200 asus tx97x rev 108 second chassis fan blowing from the back of tower chassis ( elan vital ab-10) 70°C
Normal P2 fan and heatsink P2-233 P2-300 Default Asus BX 440 None 80mm Case fan. Reduced my motherboard temp by 10 degrees C, and it's not even a very good fan. 42°C
computernerd peltier/heatsink/fan pentium 200mmx 290 2.8 tx-97e normal BIG case cooler(some 25cm)in front and 2 small one's in the side to increase pressure( dense air cools better) 46°C
Thermal Buster BC1-1550S AMD K6 266 2.2V AOpen AX59Pro 28°C
Generic heatsink w/fan Pentium II 266 309 auto Asus P2B none Open case 41°C
A element certified to cool a p-150 without blowers, mounted with two aavid tx97 blowers ( i had to brake off 3 pins to fit the ellement Intel 200 mmx sj27 292 2.8 Asus tx97 yes aavid tx 97 cooler it went 59c 53°C
boxed heatsink and fan Intel Pentium II 333mhz 400mhz Aopen AX6B unknown Cooltium Fan 20 cfm behind CPU mounted on case 27°C
computer nerd's fac1x2b celeron 266 448 4.0 * 112 abit bx6 none °C
computer nerd's fac1x2b celeron 266 448 4.0 * 112 abit bx6 none none don' know°C
computer nerd's fac1x2b celeron 266 448 4.0 * 112 abit bx6 none none 30°C
Global Win CPM 25603-16 AMD K6-233 240 3.2 Asus TX-97E Silicone grease 46°C
coolermaster k6-233 3.2 °C
el cheapo AMD K6 200 225 3.1 Aopen AP5T no none 30c°C
SELFMADE WATERCOOLING SYSTEM !! AMD K6-2 300 350 2,2 DFi P5BV3+ (with VIA MVP3 !) YES watch my HP 20°C
John Corwith 'Ultimate' AMD K6-300 334 2.2 Epox MVP3C-M GC Electronics Type 44 front case fan ripped from a dead power supply. 42°C
computer nerd's pII 233MHz 350MHz 2.8 msi 6119 bx2 Yes lots of! none 40°C
GlobalWin CPM-25603-16 K6-2 266 300 2.33 Epox MVP3E-M Super 7 Radio Shack 276-1372 42°C
AAVID K6-2 300 338 2.2 EPOX 5BVPXA YES no ??°C
Cooltech 'Super Cooler' (1 fan, covered) PII 233 Gigabyte 686LX w/SCSI Radio Shack Radio Shack impeller fan melt-glued to front of case, drawing air in. ?°C
GlobalWin CPM25603-16 AMD K6-2/300 350 2.2 Epox MVP3E Yes 43°C
AVC Mega-Cool CPU Cooler. Quite Cheap. AMD K6 - 200 225 2.7 Asus TX 97 XE Yes. The fan from my old CPU cooler is cooling the voltage regulator (28 celsius). 59°C
Intel boxed fan P-II 300 with ECC 360.5(103*3.5) 3.1V Abit BX6 °C
ComputerNerd PAP2X3B Pentium II 450 500mhz 3.3/2.0 Aopen AX6BC ComputerNerd PC Power&Cooling ATX Case 38°C
ComputerNerd PAP2X3B Pentium II 450 500mhz 3.3/2.0 Aopen AX6BC ComputerNerd PC Power&Cooling ATX Case 38°C
My own home made dual peltier heatsink. Intel P133 (un-overclockable type) 133 3.5 QDI Chariot (FX "Triton") Standard 60mm HUGE fan on the peltier heatsink, 80mm fan on peltier control system. 18°C
Computer Nerd PAP2X3B Pentium II 450 505 mhz 3.29/2.05 Aopen AX6BC Nerd PC Power&Cooling Aux Fans 1 in/1 out 38°C
AOC 60mm ww/peltier element Pentium II 300mh no auto SuperMicro P6sls thermal grease the usuall case fan in front, blowing toward rear of case. A second fan 3.125 x66,mounted at the top inside of chassis. It ocupys the area reserved for a HDD. It blows down accross the length of the heast sink. 35°C
INTEL Intel Celeron 266 400 2.01 AOPEN AX6B BX Unick Extra Case fan 34°C
3dfxcool PHO fan and heatsink K6-2 333 running at 3x100 300 2.2 TMC TI5VG+ TechSpray Heatsink Compound (from Fry's) have a few case fans in there as well, might help with the CPU cooling some. 36°C
Micron Stack type, old socket 5 sink on top, socket 5 fan on side of stack K6-2 266 300 2.2 Core & 3.6 I/O Asus P5A Radio Shack 52°C
Elan Vital model FSP501 K6-2 266 333 2.3 MS_5168 thermal compound free heatsink model Internal case exhaust fan 52°C
AOC AC-P2 : P2 450 463 3.5 Asus PB2 (BX chips have heat sink) yes ATX Case: 1 80mm PS fan, 1 80mm lower front. 36°C
ASUS Smart Fan AMD K6-2/333 337 2.2/3.5 Asus TX97-E Yes Secondairy chassis-fan (Avid) 46°C
Cyrix heatsink K62-300 N/A 2.2 Asus P5A-B none 3x3 fan on chassis 58°C
GlobalWin CPM25603-16 AMD K6/2 300 333/95 2.2 v DFI P5BV3+ standard GlobalWin thermal pad Case always open, 59 cm / 2 ft tall blower standing next to it, blowing into the computer 28°C
ASUS COOLer K6-2 333 350 2.2 ASUS P5A Radio Shack RAIN 1.0 56°C
Home-made w. peltier, standart K6-heatsink, and sunon fan. Pentium 166 mmx 225 (3x75) Default Abit IT5H rev. 1,5 I don't know the brand. none ?°C
ComputerNerd FAP2VB Intel Pentium II 266 Not (266) 2.7 core (auto) Asus P2B Yes CPUIdle v5.0 CP applet. 52°C
VEK12 Pentium II 300mhz 464mhz 2.0V ASUS P2B Radio Shack heatsink compound PS fan blowing out, 4.5" front case fan blowing in, lasagna for my Millenium G200 32°C
normal fan, programm waterfall AMD K62 3D 300Mhz 2,2 Epox EP-58MVP3C-M 49°C
Standard Boxed Pentium II 333 416 2.0 DFI P2XBL/D No Standard power supply cooling 31°C
generic finned Celeron 266 (OEM/Ok Cache) 412 2.2V Abit BX6 None fan off of AMD 133 29°C
ComputerNerd FAP2TURB Pentium II-400 no default Aopen AX6B ComputerNerd XA1HTC thermal paste ComputerNerd FA80TB 80mm case fan 31°C

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