THE HEATSINK GUIDE: CPU temperature survey results, November 1998-June 1999

Heatsink used CPU used over-
voltage Mother-
Max. Temp.
Generic Celeron heatsinks with 2 extra fans. Three fans in all. Intel Celeron 300A 463.5 2.0 Aopen AX6B Yes Well cooled case. (3 80 mm fans ) 30°C
Yes AMD K6 300 330 (3x110) 2.2 Asus P5A-B No Opened case 43°C
Target cooler, 5cm coolribs and ball bearing fan. Ibm M2 200+ 233+ 3.3 PcChips TX PRO II none none 37°C
Vantec EI5-5015 AMD K6-2 333 375 2.2 Asus TX97-X Yes 1 extra case-fan 58°C
Peltier cooler K6-300 (66 x 4.5) 400 (100 x 4) 2.3 (+0.1) MP586-VIP4-A (sister company of Gigabyte) Silicon oil Chasis fans x 3 45°C
Standard Pentium MMX on chip one. Intel Pentium 233MMX 292 (83.3x3.5) 3.4 M7502 TX (Some cheap $60 one) Nope Additional CPU fan stuck on top of Intel fan, plus a 3.5Inch Power Supply fan. No Case 58°C
Standard P166 MMX P210 MMX 2.8 Asus TX97-XE Yes ("Dow Corning") Standard CPU Fan 68°C
A-speed HC-C1 Celeron 333A 400Mhz 2.06 Tyan S1830S none 52°C
Papst low noise cooler Pentium 200 MMX 249 MHz 2.8V Asus P5A-B yes adjustable Papst 100mm case fan 62°C
Global Win VBK24 Pentium II-333 415MHz 2.0 Abit BH6 Chassis Fan 35°C
ASpeed Dual fan PII heatsink. I removed the two microfans and replaced it with one case fan. Pentium II - 400 412Mhz (103Mhz FSB) default Asus P2B Chemtronics Silicone based thermal compound Total of four case fans. One on the front and one on the left side draw air in, and one in the Power Supply and on on top of the case draw air out of box. 32°C
ABELCOM 5CM Pentium 233 MHZ MMX none 2.8 Supermicro P5MMS98 Thermal grease One case fan in the front to blow 46°C
50mm fan and big heatsink AMD K6 266 350 2.4 ASUS p5A-B Nope! 53°C
STEP ThermoDynamics STEP-UP ANCHORAGE For Slot 1 Class CPU's Intel PII 333MHz SL2TV 515 2.4 Abit BH6 Titanium Dioxide fusion process Four fans on the heatsink of the cpu. 29°C
Intel PII OEM Dual PII 300 337 (75MHz Bus) SuperMicro P6DLS Thermal Tape 3 Additional Case Fans (front) 44°C
CoolerMaster 5021B2XB IBM M-II PR300(3x75)225 MHz 250 Mhz(2,5x100) 2.9Core Asus P5A-B 61°C
Normal boxed Intel Pentium II hetasink, default from Intel Intel Pentium II 333MHz BOXED (SL2QH) 416MHz 2.0V Abit BH6 Nil Just Cooler, Dual Lymic 9 cm fans, HDD cooler plus 3 socket 7 coolers for PCI card 43°C
cool it dude fap2x3b-25s PII 266 no not sure Aopen AX6B no one regular case fan and one slot fan 33°C
Step Thermodynamics YUKON Intel PII333 SL2TV 515 2.4 ABIT BH6 Titanium Fusion Dual CPU Fans 36°C
Factory Pentium II heatsink with factory fan. Pentium II 266 300 ?? BCM KR630 1.09 Rubber stuff that was already there. One fan in the bottom front blowing in. One standard power supply blowing out the back. Another fan blowing out the back. 45°C
Computernerd FAC1X2B twin fan Celeron Heatsink Celeron 300A 500 2.3 ABIT BX6 Thermal Grease Full Tower Case Fans:2 in at the bottom (back and front) and 2 Out at the top (including the power supply fan) NB: Room temperature was around 22 degrees C 40°C
Custom Design - Two BIG Socket7 Heatsinks and Three Fans Attached. Three 80mm Case fans Blowing Directly on the CPU and Case open Pentium II 266 (Klamath) 361 (103X3.5) 3.2 A-Bit BH6 Yes Three Other Case Fans 62°C
cpus are liquid cooled pair p6-166/512 sy047 step 7 275 4.4v core fic dual p6 none refrigerated diesel/water mixture °C
standard,modified with extra fins cut 300A CELERON 504 2.2 ASUS P2B yes HTC10S 2x 9cfm 5500rpm fans on front h\s,h\sink on rear of cpu also. 49°C
3dfxcool celHO celeron 300a 450 2.3 Abit BH6 yes 40°C
3dfx T-Rex P2 266 (SL265) no 2.8v Gigabyte 686BX Yes Hard drive cooler. No drive. Just an open bay with three fans. Four fans onto Voodoo 2 cards. Aopen HX45 mid tower case 60°C
Vantec Dual Fan 300a Celeron 504 2.4 ABIT BH6 NONE Fan in front of case 60°C
Crap Standard Taiwanese ball bearing ( makes bad noises) Cyrix 6x86 166+ ( 133mhz standard ) 231mhz 2.3 P56 SIS + ESS Integrated sound + video none, just a bit of spit ;0)~ I leave the case off and blow on it 93°C
Computer Nerd Dual Cooler Facx12b Intel Celeron 300A (Costa Rica) 450 2.2V A-Bit BH6 yes 1 King Kong Hard Drive Cooler/3fans 35°C
Celeron Sandwich Celeron 300a 558 2.3 Abit BH6 Large case mounted fan °C
sandwitch my Celeron with a cheap PII heatsink (2 big VEK12 fans, I made it myself) & retail heatsink at the back. Celeron 300A (M'sia) 504MHz 2.30V Abit BH6 heatsink compound, unknown brand Nope. 50°C
2 Tennmax VIVA TF coolers Dual Intel P-II 400 no 2.8 SuperMicro P6DBE Thermal phase-change pad none 37°C
OEM Heatsink with fan... CeleronA 300 464 (4,5x103) 2.0 Abit BH6 (BX) OEM None 50°C
Glacier 4500C Intel Celeron 300A 450 2.1 Abit BH6 Yes 4" fan on case blowing air on CPU 45°C
Dual Celeron "Sandwich" custom built. Pentium II Celeron 300a SL2WM 504Mhz 2.3Volts Abit BX-6 Silver Thermal Grease on each side of Sandwich 2-Radio Shack DC Blowers 89°C
GlobalWin CPM25603-16 AMD K6-2 300 N/A 2.2 ASUS P5A-B HTC Thermal Grease ASUS Smart Case Fan (lower front of case) 44°C
GlobalWin VEK12 PII-350 400 1.98~2.0 MSI-6116 Normal I fan on top of the casing (at the back of the casing)to suck the hotair. 36°C
GlobalWin VEK12 PII-350 400 1.98~2.0 MSI-6116 Normal I fan on top of the casing (at the back of the casing)to suck the hotair. 36°C
BCool-ER Celeron 300A 504 2.2v ABIT BH6 yes 28°C
Computernerd BCool-ER, 3fans + Peltier Element CeleronA 300 464 2.2 Abit BH6 Termal grease Extra case fan, 2 fan hard drive cooler 30°C
Isolated Computer from air, put computer inside fish tank which is inside fish tank, filled up outside fish tank. This is called the Wata'a effect. Because it is inside the water, it cannot increase to a temperature alot higher because the water will cool No Cyrix m2- 300 mmx (233 mhz) Cyrix m2 - 600 mmx (465.5 mhz) 3.5 volts Tx Pro II No Fishtank 35°C
PC Power and Cooling Z1 Boxed Intel Pentium 233mmx 266 (3.5 x 75) 3.16 Epox MVP3C-M Yes Upgraded Powersupply fan, 115v exhaust fan from radioshack, 115v intake fan from radioshack. 46°C
Generic HUGE heatsink with fan. Intel Pentium 120 133 Default PB680 None It was a Heatsink fan combo, so has a fan screwed onto the heatsink. ?°C
140x110x50mm heatsink AMD K6-2 350MHz 416 2.5 Shuttle Spacewalker HOT-569 v.2.0 yes 40W Peltier 31°C
Pentium 2 333MHz 400Mhz 2.0 Abit BH6 1 Chassis Fan 40°C
Coolermaster TP2-5020 Pentium II-400 2.0v Ozzo P2-BXA none ATX power supply fan 47°C
Stock - I cant get the old one off PII 350 Secc2 434(124X3.5) 2.05 Abit BH6 No 4 Fan Directed at the cpu 56°C
Globalwin cpm 25602-16 300 K6-2 350Mhz 2.4v TMC TI5VG+ AIN/NON-Silicone, by Melcor 39°C
home made Liquid-Cooled Peltier System PII-333 SL2WY 5x124=620 2.4 ABIT BH6 Yes ice water -24.5°C
factory heatsink Intel Celeron 300a 450 2.0 Abit BX6 °C
Cool Master AMD K6-2 300 2.2 Epox EP-51 MVP3E-M None None 47°C
The one that came with the compuer. Pentium 90Mhz 120Mhz 3.6v SiS 503 Nope Aluminium foil between the heatsink and the chip surface. 40°C
standard heatsink with fan amd k6-2 300 350 2,2 asus p5a fan mounted on my agp Riva TNT card 50°C
Coolermaster AMD k-6 2 400 480 2.3 ASUS p5a 80°C
2.5 cm high heatsink with dual fans. Celeron 300a 450 Mhz 2.23 Gigabyte bx686 Aluminium Nope 42°C
Cofan KC-300 Intel PII 266 no std. Generic 440BX no none 27°C
OEM AMD K6-2 300 375 2.7 Tyan Trinity 100AT none CpuIdle drops the temp to 25!! 65°C
Cooler-Master AMD k6-400 450 2.2 NMC 5VMMX Yes None 48°C
Intel Retail Fan/Heatsink Celeron 300A SL32A 464 2.2V Abit BH6 n/a Radio Shack 3in 12v DC fan 23°C
OEM Heatsink PII 233 300 (100 x 3) 2.80 Abit BH6 unknown Case Fan in front, and above powersupply. Fan Blowing down from psu on heatsink. Video card with fan/heatsink combo. 42°C
Dual fan celeron heatsink celeron 300A 450 2.3 abit bh6 none opencase 30°C
INTEL PII 350 450 2.0 AX6BC none none 35°C
Back: sockel 7 cooler, Front: original Intel in a box cooler, ripped of the original fan and I added two other fans, I took two tower fans and placed them in front of the cpu. To isolate the back of the cpu, decause of the sandwich I used a siliconsheet (I left the case open Celeron 333 500 2.2 gigabyte bxe I left the case open 35°C
OEM installed heatsink Celeron 300A 374 2.2 Abit BH6 NA Additional fan in case and power supply blowing out.. 33°C
Global Win VAK16 Intel PII 233 MMX 350 Mhz 2.84 Aopen AX6BC Unik 80 mm Case Fan. 37°C
VEK 12 Pentium II Dual Fan Cooler P2 300Mhz 450Mhz 2.0 Gigabyte i440BX-8671 yes thermal compound used front & rear case fans for good air flow 32°C
GlobalWin CPM25602 AMD K6-2 400 450 2.2 Asus P5A Philips ECG Secondary 2.4" case fan, blowing out 37°C
3dfxcool CelHo (RIPOFF) Celeron 300a SL2WM Week 39 Costa Rica 464/103 2.0 Abit BH6 thermal grease from Ratshack Two Case Fans from 3dfxCool (also a ripoff) 36°C
Big Heatsink and Fan designed for K6 233+Mhz CPUS P166Mhz MMX 233Mhz Auto (2.8v) Gigabyte HX 1.56 None No Lid on case ?°C
No Name AMD K-6 2 350mhz No 2.2 ASUS P5A Zinc Oxide 3 case fans blowing in, 1 power supply fan sucking out. 1 CPU fan on heatsink 43°C
Global Win celeron cooler celeron 300a 464 2.2 GAinward 6iba Two case fans... 45°C
Global-Win AMD k6-2 400 450 2.3 EPOX 3G-M YEP! nope! 50°C
Original from Intel (CPU is boxed) Pentium II 266Mhz N/A 2.8 V QDI LegenX1 ATX Thermal epoxy (CPU is boxed) Second ball-bearing fan mounted in the front of my ATX case. (brand A-Open 235W) 45°C
Alcohol + Water heat pump AMD K6-2 350 400 3.3 Shuttle 970 n/a Refrigerator Freezer 30°C
Radio Shack pentium cooling fan amd-k6 233 2.7 tyan1590s yes Radio shack case fan 80+°C
A&P "C03" 400Mhz Intel -PII ASUS P2B-S Radio Shack °C
Cool-It Dude! FAP2X3B-10 BCool(I also modified it myself for better performance) Celeron 300A 450 2.1 Abit BH6 440BX YES I bought a 105mm fan(blows in) that goes front-lower of the case(require some metal cutting and drilling work). I also used empty two 5 1/4 bay covers and combine them together and cut out the middle to create frame to attach two 60mm fans(blows in) that g27 27°C
FAB24 Celeron 300A 464Mhz 2.0 DFI P2XBL Radio Shack heat transfer compound pen Turned power supply fan around, total of 8 fans in case. 25°C
TennMax Lasagna Xeon (retrofitted onto a "normal" P2) P2-400 460Mhz 2.0 Asus P2B Rev 1.10 Chemtronics thermal conductive paste Two additional case fans, and an air vent on the side of the PC 36°C
3dfx cool CelRex Celeron 300a 450 2.2 Abit BH6 none 6 case fans 41°C
Step thermodynamics Yukon (dual tec's, dual pin fin sinks, dual fans) slot 1 300a 464 2.1 BH6 titanium Dioxide lotsa case fans in a big ass case (supermicro 750a) 27°C
Standard Generic Heatsink + Fan Celeron 300A 450 2.00 Giga-Byte GA-6BA Thermal Tape that came with heatsink small extractor fan 35°C
AVC Mega-Cool AMD K6 300MHz 350MHz 2.4V Asus P5A-B No Ball Bearing Fan 48°C
dual fan Cooler Master Celeroon C300A (Costa Rica OEM) 450 2.2 ABIT BH-6 Radio Shack thermal paste front case fan blowing into case, power supply fan reversed to draw air from case 33°C
Pentium-Pro Heatsink by Birchtek. Cut to fit Socket 7. Ball Bearing fan. AMD-K62 3DNow 300Mhz 350Mhz 2.2 V Asus P5A Maxim (made by a Japanese company) None 41°C
Computer Nerd FAPVEK-25 Intel Pentium II 400 no stock DFI P2XBL thermal paste Computer Nerd FA3HD 33.9°C
Vantec huge cooler thingie. K6-200 210 (83 bus) forget Shuttle HOT 565 yes thermoelectric cooling chip (hot on one side, cold on the other). Cold side to the chip, hot side to the big ass heatsink. Planning on building in a water cooling system, just for kicks. °C
GlobalWin CPM 25603-16 AMD K6-2 400 448 2.4 Epox MVP3G Radio Shack 2 Nidec Gamma 28 Blowers replacing stock fan 52°C
GlobalWin CPM 25603-16 AMD K6-2 400 448 2.4 Epox MVP3G Radio Shack 2 Nidec Gamma 28 Blowers replacing stock fan 52°C
Cooler Master Celeron Heatsink with Stock Fan Intel Celeron 300a 504MHz 2.05 ABit BH6 Radio Shack Silicone Paste 3.75" Case Fan Blowing Through the Fins of the Cooler Master Heatsink. 27.7°C
Cooler Master Celeron Heatsink with Stock Fan Intel Celeron 300a 504MHz 2.05 ABit BH6 Radio Shack Silicone Paste 3.75" Case Fan Blowing Through the Fins of the Cooler Master Heatsink. 27.7°C
PII Heatsink with two small fans,5620rpm/4230rpm Cerelon 300A 450mhz 2.10 Abit BH-6 Thermal grease PCI expandion fan cooler,front casing fan 40°C
Asus Pentium 166 MMX 250 100x2.5 2.9 Asus p5a yes ATX p/s venting air out. 1 fan blow p/s venting air out. 1 fan blowing air in from the front. 58°C
GLOBAL WIN FAB24 celeron 300a costa rica oem 464Mhz 2.2V GAINWARD 6IBA yes 44°C
Cheap PC100 OEM Celeron 333 416 2.0 Abit BH6 yes 3.5" case fan pointing to it (attached to power supply vie 2 sided tape) 28°C
GlobalWin's big ass Socket 7 fan... :) AMD K6-2 300 (non-CTX) 350MHz 2.15V EPoX MVP3E-M Silicon oil + AlOx, very thin layer. Intake: 35°C
Cool-it Dude FA6EXB K6-200 255 2.9 Shuttle Hot 569 Radio Shack Replaced case intake vent with wire grill. Placed 3 in. PS fan behind grill to force air into case. Twin squirrel cage fans to vent exhaust ??°C
Global WIN FAB24 on the front, stock celeron fan on the back. (Effective & cheap sandwich :)) C300A 464 2.0v ABIT BH-6 Yep 120mm case fan (80cfm) in, 80mm (34cfm) fan on the top of the case (out) 35.4°C
AOC Model K6-6B AMD K6-2 400MHz. 450 MHz. 2.4v core VISION S7-MVP3 yes Front tower (ATX) low mount 4" fan blowing into case, power supply blows into case from top, additional 2" fan case mounted at rear blowing out the back. 42°C
noname k6-2 400 450 2.2 tyran s1590s silicon tape four harddrive fans, 2 huge Toyo 10*10 30°C
Homemade 300A 504 2.25 Abit BH6 none 3 fans on heatsink, PS blowing out, 2 front fans blowing in, 2 duct fans in 1 PCI slot blowing in, 2 fans in back of case up top blowing out 32°C
Intel Box Celeron Attached Fan Heatsink Celeron 300A 450Mhz 2.0 A-Bit B Standard 5' fan mounted on the side of case with double sided tape. Blowing over the slot1 and cpu.. 33°C
Tp-511 amd k6-2 400 2.2 Asus P5a none 125°C
Standard heatsink with 2 no-name fans, 5000 rpm and 4500 rpm Celeron 333A (SL2WM) 417 Mhz 2,0 ABIT BX 6 Nope. Not even tape. Standard mount case fan 80mm. 31°C
Custom built 5 cm tall heatsink with two 2 cm tall fans Celeron 300A 464 2.3 Abit BH6 White thermal grease 12 cm .47 Amp jap fan attached to the side casing (with a hole cut out in it) temperature is 34 degrees (singapore's a HOT place°C
cannibalized Koolatron P27 peltier unit with liquid cooled heat sink dual c333a 506x2 2.8 Asus P2B-DS grey heatsink compound 4 4" fans on case--2 blowing over expansion cards, 2 at top of case blowing out 32°C
CoolerMaster PC2-5020 (The small one) Celeron 300a 450 2.0 s: temp readings after 12 hours running Unreal MegaDemo--36c on CPU (mobo reading) 46c case ambient. (overclocked Quantum3d Obsidian200sb generates boucoup heat too!) none A normal table-fan blowing directly to CPU. Cover open. 26°C
Global Win CPM25602-16 AMD K6-2-3D 333 402 (3.5 x 115) 2.3 Asus P5A (Bios 1006 Beta) Normal grease ATX powersupply fan "blowing" 39°C
front side of CPU : NMC Cooler for Socket 7 CPU Intel Celeron 300 A PPGA ( Socket 370 ) 450 2,072 V Gigabyte BA ( BX - Board ) w/ adapter for Celeron PPGA one fan on the lower part of the case that sucks air in 33°C
ComputerNerd FACX4B Celeron 300A 464 2.2 ABIT BH6 grease on front, pad on back Radio Shack 120V 120mm monster fan blowin at my cards-Ducted air from out of Whopper through a tube i made and out of the 80mm chassis fan next to it 28°C
OEM Dual OEM PII-350 2.0 Gigabyte GA-6BXDS OEM Fan(AAVID) 48°C
3DfxCOOL Pentium High Output AMD K6-2 350MHz 2.2V Asus P5A 3DfxCOOL GOOP Thermal Compound All in an Aopen HX08 fulltower case without any extra fans. Powersupply-fan blowin out. 41°C
Large heatsink and fan. Intel Pentium MMX 233MHz 262.5MHz (75x3.5) 2.8V PA-2012 yes none n/a°C
Intel Boxed Fan OEM PII-266 3.3 Intel DK440DX Intel OEM 43°C
standard ball-bearing heat sink AMD K6-2 300mhz standard fic va-503+ none dual 5 1/4" bay fan mounted above hard drive and below cd-rom; card slot fan mounted 2 slots above modem and 2 below agp slot, turned around so it sucks in air and blows back at CPU's direction. unknown°C
AOC "Iceberg" peltier cooler with good size heatsink AMD K62 350mhz 428mhz 2.5 FIC PA-2013 AOC Thermal grease 120mm (80cfm) fan cooling case. Can only overclock to 412 w/o it. 45°C
Intel boxed heatsink and fan PII 300 SL2YK 450 2.0 GA-6BXE Unknown 35°C
ComputerNerd FAP2CX3B-10 Celeron 366 Malaysia retail 550 2.1 abit bh6 thermal grease Intel retail fan and heatsink on back of cpu °C
Very large heatsink and a big fan! AMD K62 3Dnow 300 MHz "Chomper" 380 2.2 -> 2.8v DFI P5BV3+ Rev. B+ Yes The case is open and having three fans 37°C
Intel Boxed Celeron 300A 450 2.0 Abit BX6 2.31 Thermal paste 1 80mm fan sucking air in, two 60cm fans blowing hot air out and one 80mm 33°C
Stock, AMD heatsink/fan K6-2 350Mhz retail 400 2.3 EPoX MVP3G-M Rain program/3 case fans moving air out of my system. 41°C
GlobalWin Ibm 6x86MX233 Cyrix 6x86MX300 3.2 Msi 5184 Yes 48°C
Generic heatsink/fan for oem P2's. Full size with 1" high fins.(removed Intel heatsink) Pll 266 338 (4.5X75) 2.8 default Abit LX6 Radio Shack #276-1372 Removed Intel heatsink/fan. Removed box around chip! Cut Intel fan houseing to std fan size and mounted it along with the heatsink fan. 33°C
Intels boxed one P2 333 416 2 Asus P2B-S - - 42°C
FAB24 Celeron 300A SL2WM 450 2.1 Abit BH6 regular thermal grease two 60x25mm fans affixed to the GlobalWin FAB23 (they're a little big for the sucker, but I made it work) 32°C
Intel Retail Intel 300A 450 2.0 Abit BX6-2 Intel (?) 4 80mm fans case fans 35°C
Cool-It Dude FA6EXB K6-2 333 2.2 Tyan S1590S Trinity 100 AT Came with the kit from ComputerNerd PS Fan, Small Case fan, running "Rain" 56°C
Dynatron BA1206 cpu cooler Intel Pentium MMX (P55c) 200MHz 250 (100x2.5) 2.9V Tyan Trinity S1590S silicone oil Sanyo Ace 15 Aux. fan (3 cm away from CPU cooler) 54°C
GlobalWin CPM25602-16 AMD K6-2 350MHZ 400MHZ 2,2v ASUS P5A YES 35°C
3 slot covers removed PII - 450 503 ? Asus P2B-S none Waterfall 2 37°C
Intel Standard Celeron 300A 450 Standard Gigabyte GA-686BX N/A N/A 38°C
original out of retail box AMD K-2 300 75 Mhz x 4 2.2 Asus TX97-X on video card 1 PCI slot fan 56°C
TennMax CLN TF Celeron 300A 450 2.0 Asus P2B thermal grease silicon stuff 8cm fan topmounted (bigtower), plus no heating in the room 31°C
The one that came with it C-300A Boxed OEM 450 2.1 Abit BH6 32°C
Cool-it Dude! PII-350 364 3.3 s: This is the temp sent from the mobo, meaning this isn't the CPU temp. Yes One fan directly over processor, one at front of case, one at rear of case blowing out, and PS fan blowing in over processor. 30°C
Cool-it Dude! PII-350 364 3.3 AOpen AX6BC Yes One fan directly over processor, one at front of case, one at rear of case blowing out, and PS fan blowing in over processor. °C
Globalwin ??????-3 K6-2 400 450 2.4V Tyan Trinity standart cheap silicon paste 2 Case ventilators 40°C
GlobalWin AMD K6-2 300 385 2.5 Asus P5A-b Yes Nop 50°C
Front: Alpha P60120SB-C-60-b with 2 vek12 fans Pentium 333 560 2.1 abit bx6 R2 cool-it-dude thermal grease 48°C
Glacier 4500C w/o Arctic Cap Intel Celeron 366A 458 2.1 Abit BX6 Revision 2.0 Radio Shack ATX Power supply sucking heat out and away 35°C
Cool It Dude! FAC1X2B Celeron 300A 450 2.0 Abit BH6 yes - Dude! XA1HTC - 1 case fan at bottom from pulling in 35°C
Home made: "I built it" C300A 504 2.2 Abit BX6r2.01 Silicon Heat transfer compound Cooling FAN for the Banshee card. PS Fan suck Air. 35°C
Global-WIN VEK12 PII-333 414 2.0v ASUS P2B Silicon Thermal Grease 3 Case fans, and CPUIdle 5.2 28°C
Globalwin FAB24, crossed dilled heatsink to increase cooling effect Celeron 300A 450Mhz Auto selected Intel SE440BX-2 Yes, the white soft paste Using a Dell case which has a large fan under the power supply sucking air out and across the CPU, the CPU fans are overclocked running at 17volts and 5500rpm Unknown°C
Peltier Sanwich, R-134A and compressor setup Intel Celeron 300A 616 2.45 AOPEN AX6B+ N/A ... -94°C
Computer nerd celery whopper sandwhich celeron 366 458 2.1 abit bh6 theraml greses 4 case fans, 32°C
Cooler Master TP5-5020-B 450mhz 2.33 EPoX EP-58MVP3C-M MPU 3.7 52°C
ball bearing 12v AMD K62 350mhz 2.2 epox 58MVP3G-M standard 2 case fans strategically placed 39°C
glacier 4500c celron 300a sl2wm 504 2.05 abit bx6 rev. 2.0 thermal paste radio shack fan 12w 120vac standard case size. 4" fan 12v bottom of the case. power supply exausting 33.5°C
glacier 4500c celeron 300a 450 2.2 abit bx6.2 yes card cooler 91°C
Stock OEM Intel fan Pentium-II 400mhz n/a SuperMicro P6SBA No None 50°C
orig. AMD boxed Cooler AMD K6-2/350 boxed 400 2,2 DFI P5BV3+ Rev.B AGP Cooling-Fan 39°C
Alpha p125C Celeron 300a 450 2.2 Abit BX6 R2 Radio Shack (Silicone) 2 80mm Case Fans, PSU Fan Blows Out 33°C
Unknow, about AMD200 233 3.2 Asus TXP4 some thermal grease 8 different case fan, inculding 28°C
Glacier 4500C Celeron 433 488 2.00 BX6 2.0 Yes 1 4" intake 40.5°C
Intel's heat sink - came with cpu P2-350 360 2.0 ASUS P2B-S none 39°C
Tc Computers standard fan and heat sink. Celron 433 488mhz default Abit BX2 Revision 2 power supply fan, 1 additional case fan (3 inch) 39°C
Jumbo Cooler AMD K6-2 300 350MHZ 2.2 EPOX EP-58MVP3C-M Intel Provided type NIL 45°C
oem Celeron 300a 450mhz 2.2 Abit BH6 none 3 case fans. 1 squirl fan` 96°C
AAVID OEM unit P166MMX (SL27K) 250 MHz. (2.5 x 100) 2.9v EPoX MVP3G ATX Radio Shack grease 4", 120v. fan in front, (had to cut case to fit) hooked to old AT pwr. switch.. two Nidec Gamma 28 drum fans mounted to blow across m.b./CPU.. extra 80x25mm DC fan on bottom of ATX pwr. supply.. 5.25" bay cooler (dual fans).. Rain 1.0 (disabled for this te42 42°C
Coolermaster (+W√§rmeleitpaste extrathin) AMD K6PR2-200 250MHz(2,5x100) 3,4V Asus P5A-B two mor chassis fans 53°C
GlobalWin FAB28 Dual Celeron Cooler Celeron 300a slot-1 527MHz 2.05V Abit BX6-R2 Yes N/A 45°C
Global WIN(forgot number.. its the big one!) AMD K6-2 300/66Mhz bus 400Mhz 2.2 Amptron PM9600 Radio Shack white stuff 30 mm peltie from All Electronics Corp. 32°C
coolnerd Intel Pentium II 400mhz 800mhz 3.3 ASUS P2B-F YES Two coolnerd sinks, attatched to each side. On each Heat-sink, is a 15$ 35°C
AOC Large Heat sink Pentium 233 MMX 280 2.9 Epox MVP3G-M Yes FC100 PC Cooler 31°C
Large aluminum sink with embedded fan AMD K6-2 366mhz 450mhz 2.9v core!!!!!! Asus P5A-300-U yes - standard Radio Shack thermal grease Reversed ATX pwr supply fan 52°C
oversized PC 100 Pentium II (celeron) celeron 300a (slot 1) 450 2.1 Abit BX6 rev2 yes Case fan, cpu fan,ElanVital fan and heatsink on Voodoo3 and 4" Chase exhaust fan in a AoPen mid tower 33.5°C
oversized PC 100 Pentium II (celeron) celeron 300a (slot 1) 450 2.1 Abit BX6 rev2 yes Case fan, cpu fan,ElanVital fan and heaetsink on Voodoo3 and 4" Chase exhaust fan in a AoPen mid tower 33.5°C
VEK-12 PII 450MHz 504MHz Asus P2-B yep one intake fan, one exhaust fan 31°C
Retail Celeron Heatsink modified Celeron 300A 450 2.0V Asus P2B paste twin 50mmX15mm 3 wire fans 47°C
Intel Boxed Celeron PPGA 400MHz 2.2V Abit BM6 Thermal Pad PSU sucks some air out 45°C
Some big thing I got off of a Packard Bell (Very big). Cytrix MII 300 2.9 TX Pro-II Chipset Standard Zinc stuff (Radio Shack Heat SInk Pen) A total of 5 fans (one for power supply at back, on in front, one over CPU, and two large ones beside the PCI slots (video card) area. 35°C
Cheap socket7 with fan Celeron 466 PPGA n/a v2.0 Asus P2B-F yes Two 80mm fans rear mounted above power supply exhausting out, one 80mm fan in front of case for intake 45°C
Alpha Heatsink/Fan PowerPC 750 450 600 ? PowerMac G3 Yosemite 15°C
Supercool perltier (tested @ heatsink-guide) and large OEM heatsink Celery 300A 504 2.0 BH6 hell yeah! Big 80mm high-preformance (3500 rpm) fan on heatsink dunno°C
standard celeron modified,whith two fans on it celeron400 450 2,0 abit bx2 yes two extra 8cmx8cm case fans in and out blow 42°C
STEP Yukon Heat sink and fans Celeron 300a PPGA 450 2.2 Abit BH6 36°C
Home built watercooling Pentium 120MHz 3.5 QDI VX Yes. 25 :)°C
Standard ball bearing K6-2 350 400(4*100) 2.2 asus P5-AB default on motherboard In my high Tower it was two cooler (one in alim and one in the down in the front of tower) 47°C
Home made water jacket with water contact directly with metal side of CPU. 40 GPH is pumped through water jacket from 10 gallon sealed container. AMDK6-2 400 450 2.4 P5A Power supply fan reversed to extract air, front fan introducing fresh air into lower front, fan installed on top of case extracting air out. 37°C
Alpha P125 heatsink only & used the fans form defunked VEK12 combo Pentium II 300 MHz 526.5 2.2V Abit BX6 Alpha supplied compound 80mm 30cfm front & rear case fans 33.0°C
retail celeron ppga fan/heatsink Intel Celeron 400 PPGA 450MHz 1.97V Asus P2B-F 1006.A w/ Asus S370 slotket microsi mpu3.7 thermal grease atx p/s standard fan (top/rear- out) 54°C

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