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AMD CPU Foam Standoffs Buster 1
Pentium Duo Chip Cooling Austy 1
Peltier idea, need knowlagable opinions Knut 2
Help with excessive Peltier failure needed! ME 1
Abnormal CPU temp and fan Foo Bar 1
Temp controller using a Fheit sensor? Whitepine 1
Metal/plastic plate below CPU on Athlon motherboard scobb99 1
Controller reversed? Whitepine 2
please help with controller problem tim 2
Temp control Circuit Question tim 0
Heat Sink Compound Matthias 3
General Cooling Questions Matthias 2
Pentium D Processor 67 Celcius!! Alvin 11
Bizarrely high CPU tem at startup - 90 degrees plus!!! Jay 1
indicator led for temp controller tim 5
CPU Cooler Jeff 2
fried thermistor tim 3
heatsink retention bracket BobR 1
Temperature controller not working? Fred 3
Connecting CPU fan Coolstu 1
yellow wire on fan wyattsdad 2
Change of PSU - higher CPU temps ChrisW99 1
CPU Temp Wolf 0
Passive/active Nelj 2
how to read cpu temperature? cocuixtle 1
2 Unexplainable PC problems ?? DC 1
laptop keeps turning off!!! sarah 1
gateway AVC model c6025b12l ben 3
my computer is on fire Bishop 5
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